Churrascada - International barbecue festival in brazil

august 1st-2nd 2020 - sAo paulo - brazil

Churrascada was born in 2015 from our passion for barbecue, good music and the company of friends. Brazil’s first and best barbecue festival of Brazil began as a small and friendly gathering for 30 people and four years later become one of the World’s most important culinary and entertainment events bringing together dozens of chefs from all over the world and over six thousand guests. We still find it quite bizarre that Churrascada became such a lovely monster, but we also find it awesome.


Our 5th Edition in São Paulo will count with 70 chefs from Brazil and abroad. Masters of meat and fire of the five continents presenting their creations during two days. All this accompanied by loads of cold beer, two stages, twelve bands and special attractions like the first edition of Butcher Wars.


 Welcome to the Republic of the United Friends of Churrascada. 


our values


from charcoal or wood as the only source of heat used in our food preparation, just as our ancestors used to do.

2. sustainability

We value those producers with sustainable practices who recognize animal welfare as being a fundamental aspect affecting the quality of the final product. We cook and eat animals from nose to tail. We promote the conscious consumption of the meat. Eat less but better-quality meat.

3. top notch quality

You derseve the best and only the best. We choose animals and products from some of the most serious food purveyors in the country .

4. friendship and celebration

Barbecue is a moment to bring family and friends together around fire. We bring you great musi, party and  joy. Churrascada is still made by friends, with friends and for friends. We seed goodness to cultivate people we like around us.


this is how we take care of your stomach

a unique experience


Curatorship is conceptualized months ahead of the festival to bring you a gastronomic experience that is diverse, unique and original. We take into consideration animls, cuts, cooking methods and recipes from Brazil and the world.

We like culinary inovation and we are always testing and risking some crazy stuff searching for new and original flavours.  Chefs are allowed to take risks and make mistakes, afterll there are some fast food chains for the safe and tested. We are on the oppposite side of it.

professional chefs

churrascada spirit

Only experienced, professional Chefs or those who are recognized authors of a new culinary propositon with an important relationshp with fire and meat in their line of work.

Chefs bring in a real barbecue spirit as a central ingredient of our party. Chefs don't have to be friends of the organizers to join our lineup but they do  have to be of that  kind we would like to be friends with. Arses not welcome.

Agencia Uma Uma - AVERSA - Produtor
Professional Party man

Partner of Agencia Uma Uma, one of the country's leading and most respected event production companies is the guy who sets up the circus.
BOTTINO - Curador
Ad man, Entrepreneur, Foodie and Accidental chef.

The man who brought American Barbecue style to Brazil almost ten years ago and had the chance to cook in some of the World's Best Fire Festivals. Together with the Chefs creates the whole festival menu and connects your mouth with the best products and producers.
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